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  • odens extreme white dry cold slim

Odens snus – discover the strength of Vikings!

Welcome to the world of Odens snus, where rebellion meets exceptional chewing tobacco experience. Step into a realm of intense sensations and taste that only Odens snus can deliver. Odens tobacco products produced by GN Tobacco Sweden are well-rounded and powerful – suits most snus users.

Why choose Odens? We are proud to bring you an extensive range of Odens snus, crafted with the highest quality tobacco and infused with captivating flavours. Each portion of Odens snus has a powerful punch, satisfying your cravings and elevating your snus experience to new heights.

Mentol flavours that excite: From the robust and full-bodied minty Odens Cold Extreme to the refreshing and minty Odens Extreme White Dry. Discover the flavor that resonates with your rebellious spirit.

Satisfy your viking cravings with just a few clicks from Nicotine World!