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Siberia Red White Dry - Nicotine World

Siberia Red White Dry

Brand: Siberia

Flavour: Mint and tobacco

Nicotine content: 43 mg/g

Pouches per can: 20

Format: Regular

Type: White Dry

Manufacturer: GN Tobacco

5,70  - 3,49 

  • Pcs 1 - 9 5,70 
  • Pcs 10 - 59 4,28 
  • Pcs 60 - 239 3,82 
  • Pcs 240 - ∞ 3,49 

Siberia Red White Dry, ultimate snus that gives you a punch like no other.

If you’re seeking an intense and powerful nicotine experience, this is the snus for you.

With an astonishing nicotine content of 43mg/g, Siberia Red White Dry is not for the beginners. This high nicotine concentration delivers an unparalleled kick that is sure to satisfy even the most experienced snus enthusiasts.

Best Swedish snus on the market! That’s Siberia!

Siberia Red White Dry manufactured by GN Tobacco also offers a remarkable flavor combination. The blend of dark and robust tobacco is perfectly complemented by a sharp mint flavor, creating a harmonious and invigorating taste sensation. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary blend that will awaken your senses with every portion.

The portion bags of Siberia Red White Dry are exquisitely soft and provide a pure pleasure when placed under your lip. As a dry portion snus, there’s a slight delay before the flavors and nicotine are released, but once they kick in, you’ll enjoy a smooth and consistent release throughout your snus experience. The controlled release ensures you can savor the intense flavors and nicotine rush without overwhelming your senses.

Get your hands on Siberia today and discover the true meaning of strength and flavor in original Swedish snus.

Discover whole Siberia snus family!

At Nicotine World, we proudly offer a range of Siberia products that suit different preferences. Explore our selection, including Siberia Red White Dry Slim, Siberia Red White Dry Mini, and Siberia Blue White Dry Slim.

Siberia Red White Dry Slim delivers the same powerful punch as its counterpart, Siberia Red White Dry, but in a slimmer portion format. Perfect for those who prefer a more discreet snus experience without compromising on strength and flavour.

For those seeking a smaller portion size, Siberia Red White Dry Mini is an excellent choice. It offers the same intense nicotine content and bold flavor profile as the original Siberia Red White Dry but in a convenient mini portion format.

If you’re looking to explore a different nicotine level, Siberia Blue White Dry Slim is a must-try.

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