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Pablo X Ice Cold - Nicotine World

Pablo X Ice Cold

Brand: Pablo

Flavour: Mint and tobacco

Nicotine content: 30 mg/g

Pouches per can: 20

Format: Slim

Type: All White

Manufacturer: N.G.P Imperial Lithuania

4,30  - 2,58 

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Pablo X Ice Cold: Dangerous and mint cold experience

Experience the intense and daring flavor of Pablo X Ice Cold nicotine pouches. Combining the invigorating taste of mint with the rich essence of tobacco, these slim all-white portions deliver a bold and satisfying vaping experience. With a nicotine content of 30 mg/g, Pablo X Ice Cold stands as one of the strongest options on the market, providing a potent kick that will leave you feeling exhilarated.

Embrace the cool and dangerous vibe of Pablo

Pablo is not just a brand—it’s a statement. Inspired by the infamous character, Pablo nicotine pouches exude a sense of coolness and danger. The Pablo X Ice Cold variant captures this essence perfectly, offering a unique blend of mint and tobacco that combines strength with a refreshing twist. 

Pablo: A popular nicotine pouch with ultimate kick

Each can contains 20 slim pouches, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free experience. The all-white portion format offers discreet usage, allowing you to enjoy the robust flavor without any residue or mess. Pablo X Ice Cold is meticulously crafted by N.G.P Imperial Lithuania, a manufacturer known for their commitment to quality and innovation. 

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