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Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade 0% - Nicotine World

Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade 0%

Brand: ELF BAR

Flavour: Blue Razz Lemonade

Puffs: 600

Nicotine content: 0mg/ml (NICOTINE FREE)

E-liquid capacity: 2ml




Elf Bar is a stylish ready-to-use disposable electronic cigarette. No need to recharge or refill liquid. This “portable shisha” fits easily in your pocket thanks to its perfect size. ELF BAR WITH 600 PUFFS will give you an even longer lasting smoking experience.

If you’re young and independent, loving life person and looking for new ways to enjoy yourself, then Elf Bar vape is the product for you. With a bright and immediate taste of sweet blueberries, this e-cigarette will relax your mind and bring you instant gratification. 

Get ready for a fresh and intense experience with the Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade 0% (nicotine-free), disposable e-cigarette!


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