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Kurwa Cola Ice - Nicotine World

Kurwa Cola Ice

Brand: Kurwa Reymont

Flavour: Cola Ice

Puffs: 688

Nicotine content: 20mg/ml

E-liquid capacity: 2ml


Kurwa Reymont Cola Ice 20mg/ml and 688 puffs: Refreshing blast of cool cola sensation

Satisfy your cravings with Kurwa Reymont Cola Ice, a flavor that combines the timeless appeal of cola with an invigorating blast of icy coolness. This unique blend captures the sweetness of your favorite cola drink, while the icy menthol undertones provide a refreshing sensation that will leave you feeling revitalized. 

Quenching journey for your taste buds

Prepare for a journey that will awaken your taste buds as Kurwa Reymont Cola Ice takes you on a quenching adventure. Each puff delivers the familiar taste of fizzy cola, reminiscent of childhood memories and carefree moments. As the cool menthol breeze sweeps over your palate, it adds a layer of invigorating freshness, creating a truly satisfying and revitalizing experience. 

Discover a world of flavors at Nicotine World

Nicotine World is your gateway to a world of extraordinary flavors, and Kurwa Reymont Cola Ice is a standout among the collection. From a sweet Strawberry Bull to the mouthwatering Kiwi Strawberry and exotic Passionfruit. Each flavor is meticulously crafted to offer a tropical escape with every puff. The Nicotine World online vape store has a flavor to suit every palate. 

Embrace the Kurwa Reymont experience

Kurwa Reymont is a brand that embodies a lifestyle of coolness, uniqueness, and extraordinary vaping experiences. With Kurwa Reymont Cola Ice, you’re embracing a flavor that sets you apart from the crowd. The combination of classic cola taste and icy coolness creates a vaping experience that stands out from the rest. Indulge in the Kurwa Reymont experience and elevate your vaping journey to new heights of satisfaction and style.

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